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International 0ffshore and corporation laws

  • Foundation of offshore companies Corporation law
  • Legal forms
  • Legal foundations
  • Legal position of beneficiaries Corporation regulations
  • Tax systems
  • Banking
  • Capital transfer
  • International foreign exchange regulations
  • Double taxation agreements

lnternational tax shelters

  • Residence, immigration, citizenship
  • Mediation of real estate
  • Mediation of fee/consulate/diplomat status
  • Foundation of special offshore companies
  • Trust, investment and property investment companies
  • Notariates
  • Foundations
  • Trusts ,Institutes

Foundation of international offshore banks

  • Offshore financing locations
  • Private and offshore banking
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • International debit cards
  • Number and pseudonym accounts
  • Bank and foreign country accounts
  • Regulations and internationa laundering provisions
  • International foreign exchange transfer
  • Conversion of foreign exchange

Philosophy and Strategy of the Baker & Baker Consulting Group

Interdisciplinary, networked, motivated to tackle the tasks, the conditions are created for an optimal environment and creative solutions are developed for their tasks in order to reach their current and future goals. Recognizing client wishes and developing sustainable benefits through the networking of the most diverse specialist competencies - this is the strategy of the Baker & Baker Consulting Group.

Our company specializes in solving sensitive and difficult problems in the context of business consulting.

Most of our qualified employees are former consultants in the diplomatic service.
In particular, we would like to point out that our services do not contain any standard solutions. Rather, we focus on providing competent, personal and discreet advice. The focus is on the development of an individual strategy as well as a tailor-made concept for personal and company-specific needs.

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